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Anticipate accentuation as what tighten up money to the Central Bank, one casts dish of agitation to emerging in Shanghai field move. The beautiful that afterwards already was announced by media becomes square of international of river of business mansion, boast and loose Jiang Kaiyuan after Mediterranean commerce square peddles these 3 project is whole dishes, recently, our newspaper reporter discovers, the commercial project of many high grade a sector of an area begins Shanghai center to be peddled by intermediary inside the market.

The much share data that the reporter obtains from inside intermediary hand shows, be peddled this by whole include with Zhou Zhengyi make complacently- - outside the beach is street project of 183 neighbor plot- - edifice of the riverside that promote force, frequently by on sale project of project of hotel of 9 rivers region- - mansion of new new business, and the Feng Yang road that already was invested to transform hotel of 5 stars class by Jin Feng 601 project- - Jing Anhao gives birth to big public house. These 3 projects, it is downtown the commercial project of top class a sector of an area, and the project is basic and finishing. Additional, the message says, sodden end is old, be located in Yellow River road, Nanjing the edifice also had the Hong Xiang of the road to cast dish of message on the west.

Edifice of the riverside that promote force calls valence 2.9 billion

The data that the reporter offers from intermediary discovers, in the project that edifice of the riverside that promote force is 3 basic already complete exclusive a business does property, call valence highest- - equity makes over 2.6 billion yuan (do not contain commission) ; Property right trades 2.9 billion yuan.

Promoting force riverside edifice to fasten Nong Kai is subordinate, by seabird development holds a knife. Project place plot is outside the beach is street 183 neighbor grave of 2 / 1 , boundary of the road in be located in Sichuan, Chinese opening sequence, already built a business to do a building at present, doorplate date is the road in Sichuan 213. The reporter sees in the spot, it is to cooperate periphery to protect architectural style probably, the building has 19 only, show short flat model, both sides design has large and gules cylinder. The face stands to have outside not at common office building of glass of wall of act of department of mass-tone of blue, grey, Bai Wei, however cream-colored stone material deserves to accumulate Ou Shi with bedding face " n " model red circle window, whole structure adds up to Oushi classicism by contemporary element, very distinctive.

Current, large building of the riverside that promote force is main already complete, each gate all uses board simple and easy seal, "Developing business consider to want whole to sell, so project complete also does not come loose up to now sell, not rental also. " personnel of spot security personnel says so. The reporter inquires data of the estate on the net to show, edifice of the riverside that promote force is in December 2006 open quotation, roll out office room source 130, room area from 152 - 1045 square metre / is covered differ, involve floor area in all fifty-five thousand eight hundred. 57 square metre, price of the reference on the net square metre of 32 thousand yuan of / . Rough estimation, this source that approve a room if with referenced price the price carry out of square metre of 32 thousand yuan of / uses up, develop business general be able to steam again capital is made an appointment with 17. 900 million yuan. One year is lain between when half, dishes of whole peddling price actually already tower above comes loose at the outset sell can get amount to make an appointment with 1 billion yuan, if be calculated with the unit price of marketable area, unit price already was over square metre of 50 thousand yuan of / . According to its total floor area makes an appointment with 74 thousand square metre (contain the area of establishment of form a complete set inside the building) estimation, the unit price of floor area of every square metre also is controlled in 40 thousand yuan.
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