Zizhuqiao status of the office market

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An area three: Zizhuqiao (involving a District: Haidian District)

1. Regional Overview

Zizhuqiao broader distribution of the regional office projects to Zizhuqiao as a starting point, space south bridge, east to Banjing bridge. Major regional institutions, ministries, agencies, institutes gathered, China North Industries Group Corporation, China South Industries Group Corporation, Capital Normal University, China Youth Political College, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing University for Nationalities, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other major universities and the National Library, rich cultural heritage, rich cultural atmosphere. In addition, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, this area is the scope to enjoy various preferential policies. Rental price according to different positions, subject to change. Transport facilities, surrounding a fully furnished, 5A-class integrated office-based.

2. Market performance

Zizhuqiao regional office market on the West Third Ring Road area for the overall level of office properties, development and construction in this area is relatively mature areas, there is a high-end office buildings on the first place, the current rent level is the highest, most comprehensive regional facilities, West Third Ring Road area of basic sites in this large enterprise.

Jinyu Tower Bridge is located in space, in Hong Kong joint venture, with a total construction area of ninety-seven thousand square meters, the height of twenty-two-story, 99 by the end of officially put into use. Building is located in the West Third Ring, Haidian District, aerospace Qiaodongbeijiao for the West Third Ring Road of landmark buildings. 5A intelligent office building set, gold Marriott five-star hotel in the body of Bally Total Fitness clubs, banks, securities as a whole, the ground floor large parking lot, a total of more than 400 public parking spaces. Rental rates: 5.8 yuan / day / square meter, more than 70% occupancy rate. Units are left, the basic 400 square meters more than in the big house. Check customer base is now large enterprises, listed companies. Such as Beijing and Hong Kong Group, the China Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd..

International financial center, located in the Space Bridge and Zizhuqiao middle. Overall size of more than ten million square meters, including office buildings and high-end commercial grade supporting type business. Diversification by the Hong Kong office concept designer for the West Beijing to build the first international business center, the central government to create a flagship business district, to promote the internationalization process of western Beijing. Rental rates: 5.5 yuan / day / square meter, the occupancy rate of 100%. Check enterprises are distributed more widely, domestic and foreign are, mainly in no particular type of industry. Such as: Beijing Sincerity and Respect, and Education Technology Co., Ltd., China Network Operations Center and other cultural China.

Zizhuqiao the west side of building weapons, 5A class intelligent foreign office, with a total construction area of 41,000 square meters, open office. Property was built in about 2003, the project from the inside to maintain the good appearance and has some of the property management standards, more stringent, to treat customer enthusiasm is high. Rental rates 3.8-4 yuan / day / square meter, more than 90% occupancy rate. The main types of technology, Industry & Trade, investment finance and project-related enterprises. Such as: China blasting equipment industry associations, Friends of the ground Investment Limited.

Jiayou Shu-ray International Building (Newton office) is located Zizhuqiao west, the bridge Si-an S. Chedaogou angle. Is designed for "IQ" tailor-made ultra-pure office 5A, in particular the introduction of the shared office mode, more rational, functional and convenient usability. In addition it is the particularity of the lot, so here is lower than the cost of the core area of the office, and enjoy multiple advantages, and developed the core area of business climate. Basic to medium-sized companies mainly type. Rental rates: 3.8 yuan / day / square meter, the occupancy rate of 100%. Such as: sharp Seoul, Beijing News Limited, Beijing Kant Electronic Engineering Limited.

Pan, according to city real estate research firm survey data show that the distribution industry in this region are: Electronics Technology 30%, 15% of investment consulting, engineering and construction accounted for 10%, other 45% in other industries, legal, advertising, biotechnology, financial and other supporting services, such as the Beijing Global Brothers Television, the government adopted the tender strokes Consulting Limited.

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