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Housing market compared to the "ups and downs", Xiamen office market has maintained a steady and healthy development. Xiamen Economic Zone as the rapid construction and development, all kinds of medium and small enterprises continue to grow, a large number of foreign and foreign institutions to enter, Xiamen office market is developing rapidly. Steady increase in demand and supply, has gradually formed the western urban area (Lu Jiang Road, CBD Area, the financial district north shore, south shore business district, Railway Station - Lotus board business district, the lake logistics park plate and SM - Egami Business District) and Eastern District (CBD Guanyin Mountain area, Wuyuan Bay CBD area and the lake High-Tech Park), two plates. Eastern Area Office as the surrounding popular, regional transportation, municipal facilities and other relatively short, relatively slow. In recent years, policy guidance, the center of Xiamen, business development began to shift to the east, have also began to improve the matching. Wanda Plaza, where the lake is supporting the importance to build one of Eastern District, in the eastern region will play an important role in economic rise. Concern is, Wanda Plaza, the emergence of SOHO business office area, the eastern CBD area Kuanyin Mountain, Wuyuan Bay CBD area and the lake, the three Area High-Tech Park, into sky, a unique form of office space will also allow East New product supply is more abundant. Xiamen office market policies continue to usher in good development opportunities National Insurance reform pilot development zone in Xiamen October 9, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Xiamen city government signed "on the construction of the insurance reform pilot development zone in Xiamen Memorandum of Cooperation", the two sides will work together to accelerate the construction of cross-strait regional financial service center, so that the insurance industry in Xiamen as the local economic and social development services demonstration of regional, national insurance industry, the scientific development of the test base, cross the insurance industry an important platform for integration of services. "Memorandum" signed, will attract more insurance companies into Xiamen, support qualified insurance institutions in Taiwan will also be established in Xiamen, China headquarters, regional agencies, offices and a variety of background services. Xiamen, east of the island to build a financial center Hercynian To implement the Xiamen municipal government, "Cross-Strait financial cooperation in construction of test area, to build cross-strait regional financial service center" idea, Xiamen Huli District, City Planning Bureau and the current study should be made to the five eastern edge of the Xiamen Bay Area and Five-Area, building "Hercynian Financial Industry Zone (Hercynian financial center)," Taiwan's financial sector development to provide access to Hercynian platform to fight the cross-Strait financial cooperation in the pilot area. Hercynian economic zone of Xiamen, as center city, with the unique advantages of exchanges with Taiwan, on the inland transport of radiation power and a strong capacity to promote the regional economy. "Hercynian financial center" proposed, will surely attract a large number of enterprises and financial institutions located in the eastern island of Xiamen, Xiamen, especially the eastern part of the future New commercial office market will usher in a new historical opportunity for development. Significant increase in residential investment cost under the control of office usher in more opportunities Conventional office-based consumer group is divided into occupied and investment type, the former focused on the various types of enterprises to use the office, the latter types of investors. To curb high prices, the recent central and local property control policies have been put forward, two suites down 50%, three suites stop lending, credit limit, and so remote, the cost of substantial growth in investment in the housing market, increasing investment risk is increasingly a large number of investors have withdrawn from the residential market, many of whom fought in office, which indirectly to the office more opportunities. Industry commented that the arrival of the New Deal, making the threshold for investment in residential and investment office consistency. Future appreciation in the residential space is squeezed, the office property appreciation is not affected, the existing office property investment funds to better preserve and increase the growth achieved, the office market has been "blessed by government." Wanda Plaza lake located in eastern New projects such as supporting the increasingly improved plates East New section on the island landscape is rich in resources, and building large scale, internal hardware support is also better. But with the Western urban culture, transportation, facilities, business clusters and other advantages compared to the surrounding popularity, lack of commercial facilities such as the more obvious constraints of the office space in this development. Wanda Plaza and other projects with the lake's completion, this deficiency gradually began changing. It is reported that the total planned area of the lake area, Wanda Plaza, about 13 million square meters, total building area of about 53 million square meters, of which the earth about 39 million square meters, ground floor about 14 million square meters. Project consists of large shopping malls, luxury hotels, outdoor pedestrian street, SOHO office, office buildings and community 底商, of which a large shopping center which covers supermarkets, indoor pedestrian street, thousands of department stores, Wanda International Film City, a large star KTV, big game players City, City of Children goods, electrical stores, sporting goods stores, high-level restaurant, food court, and so rich in format, will be a rich flow. And Guanyin Mountain, Wuyuan Bay Area neighbors, compared with Wanda, Wanda Plaza, are in the lake among the supporting Wanda potential SOHO business office is even more evident. Located at the city main road - Xianyuelunan side Xiang'an tunnel from only 1,000 meters, the east is the island roads, south of the neighborhood is the software park, more than 500 companies and more than 20,000 white-collar workers, including office, the west is the Jinshan Road, the road opposite the lake reservoir, the surrounding community projects gathered in the high-end ... ... With the constant construction in Xiamen City, eastern New office support behind the impression has gradually changed, I believe has unlimited potential for future development.

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