High-grade office space tenants live in pain for utilities is too high

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Yesterday afternoon, one of the residents said the building overseas, building management fee is 3.5 yuan / ㎡, water is 4.25 yuan / ton, electricity 1.08 yuan / kWh, charging too high, have repeatedly urged the departments concerned, but no answered. For households reflects the problem, Hainan Overseas Property Management Development Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Zheng said the overseas office building has been a freeze-frame, the relevant departments of the standard commercial rates charged by utilities. Building Only 11 is the living accommodation, other tenants are commercial office, relevant departments of the company many times to reflect the requirements of living in proportion to the implementation of water charges, but the material provided does not meet the requirements, not be entertained. The Price Department Gate approval, Overseas Building management fee of 3.5 yuan / ㎡, water is 4.25 yuan / ton. Electricity is in accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments to collect, there is no violation of charge.

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