Yizhuang Metro Valley office in East U between the sale of the whole floor off

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: U in East Valley project is located in Daxing District, Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park Jinqiao Science and Technology Industrial Base, Tongzhou Park, Fourth Street, 15 King Shing, program offices, scientific research building, standardization of high-tech plant in one. Beautiful environment, a variety of providers with readily available, well-developed transport network, the location is southeast of Beijing, the center hub, the park covers an area of 1,300 acres, planning construction area of 100 square meters. The commercial project also enjoys preferential policies, one-stop service, reduce business operating costs and enhance business operation efficiency. Products include single-family + plant, from a one-stop platform for R & D to finished product. The project is full of insightful modern architecture, a variety of single-family rich and varied forms, from single-family to provide the compound Shuangpin, including the 800-3200 square meters of different options to meet the different needs of different enterprises. Low volume rate, low density, high rate of garden green office environment, and carefully build the center of the green garden theme, so that intellectual productivity in the garden has been raised. In addition, the project provides multi standardized plant, building single area of 450 to 13,000 square meters, to meet the enterprise manufacturing, logistics, office and other needs, factories, one, can be used in combination divided, multi-plant configuration elevator. With good lighting and ventilation, configuration independent parking spaces, each plant cell has its own independent evacuation exports. A straight line the main road, the road way connected, directly to building single portal for easy logistics. In the whole layer of the existing 620 square meters of office area between the sale price of 5650 yuan, property costs 0.13 yuan / square meter / day. The project is providing 150 parking spaces on the ground / month / person.

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