Review of the Year property: commercial office success of position

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Chilly winter, the capital of the housing market has revealed a bit cold. At the same time, the rise of commercial real estate market, it is in full swing. Compared the two, in 2010 the property market trends emerging, faintly visible. And successful commercial real estate this year, exactly the same position, the office market ushered in rapid follow-up stand. According to the China Research Center office (CORC) survey, the fourth quarter of 2010, China's macro-economy to maintain a good, strong investment demand and foreign capital markets continue to provide compensatory growth for the office space. This quarter, first-line transactions are frequent large urban office buildings, high-end project turnover over a hundred billion. The formation of high-end office space rents led, the National office market rents generally rose to sing, the vacancy rate continues to decline. To Beijing, for example, to achieve the overall market rental chain rose 3.7% vacancy rate dropped 1.2 percentage points better than the previous one. Office market in the record is about to usher in the 2010 perfect "ending" at the same time, a senior media industry from the domestic housing information office network, the Beijing office of information network, China Office Research Center (CORC), together with China Association office (COIA) heavy launch "2010 Seventh Annual Billboard offices in China," a strong start in Beijing recently. It is reported that early voting activities office was November 1, 2010 officially kicked off, the candidate properties for sale covering all major Beijing office in 2010, commercial real estate projects, currently the community has been a positive response and to vote. The event of "win-win cooperation" as its theme, will once again fully focus on China office sector, commercial real estate industry, the most concern to the industry the year, most business users welcome and most influential real estate, business, people. Online users voted by customers, industry experts and scholars voted fax questionnaires to vote, all the factors from the list of candidates elected in the category of top ten real estate situation, the top ten companies and ten situation and other professional managers. Activities were divided into three phases: 1 November 2010 -11 January 30 election phase of activity; December 1, 2010 -12 31 voting phase activities; 1 January 2011 -01 January 20 activities revealed stage three stages. January 2011 selection results officially announced, the Seventh China office in Beijing and China trade office will be the year of Billboard awards ceremony. Leaders of relevant departments will be invited, association leaders, renowned scholars, industry biggest names, the election unit leaders, practitioners, representatives of foreign funds, agency representatives, consultants and client representatives on behalf of Internet users representatives, and invited all major television stations, newspapers, magazines, online media participants reported that the number of participants is expected to exceed 500 people. Since 2004, the Beijing office of China Information Network office released the end of each year annual summit held in Billboard and has so far been successfully held the Sixth, in the social economy, real estate in all areas had a good effect. Recalling the 2004 -2005 year, the main office to release records of the business opportunities and economic potential; 2005 -2006, the main show of the Internet users, business users directly involved in the Billboard selection activity; 2006 -2007 year, fully tap office in the business of the great capability to fully map out the new Beijing office development progress and innovation; 2007 -2008 year, the office market in 2007 through a comprehensive combing, mining, and to show more quality office projects; 2008 - In 2009, the theme of challenges and opportunities, held in Pangu Plaza Star Hotel; 2009-2010, the theme of "future value" of the Han Chinese in Beijing International Hotel. The sixth consecutive Billboard activities, there are many excellent office project showing their activities through the Billboard tremendous commercial return and performance recognition.

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