Tianyu Building Grade A office space for sale

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【Location】 project 5A high-level business intelligence office. House adopts the international advanced building equipment management, the traditional separation of the buildings (BA), Fire (FA), Security (SA), Parking (PA), office automation (OA), and various subsystems, integrated management. 】 【Project Overview Building is 2 floors underground, the ground floor of all 9 wall structure cast frame construction, total area: 5600 square meters, total length: 55.2m, Overall width: 51.8m, total construction area: 26,000 square meters, canopy height: 36.0 meters. Tianyu Tower is located in Guangming Road, Chongwen District, Beijing 13, Beijing transit million by investing in real estate development company building, designed by Beijing Institute of 5A Huayou intelligent Grade A office space. Building a total construction area of 26,000 square meters. Founded in March 15, 2001, expected completion date for the end of May 2003. Tianyu Building, east of Second Ring Road, the west near the Temple of Heaven Park, surrounded by the Beijing Railway Station, Longtan Lake Park, Maple supermarket, Beijing Amusement Park, the Beijing International Tennis Centre and World Square shopping and entertainment center. Building exterior decoration is a senior principal with high-grade double-glazed aluminum curtain wall, 4.5 meters high ceiling lobby, the entire shop marble, arts and artistic ceiling lighting, more brilliant. Two floors underground garage, on the ground first and the second for the sowing, the three - nine for the office. Building adjacent to Guangdong and Guangxi Avenue, and traffic trunk lines and the construction of Metro Line 5 is connected, convenient transportation and many bus stations, the staff is very convenient to work. Is the major groups, companies, enterprises and institutions and the Beijing offices ideal for investment and business are welcome to visit and negotiate.

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