Service of form a complete set of astral class hotel accomplishs business affair

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The appearance of edifice of kuala lumpur Gemini, reflection gives glorious elegance and talent of the history; The Caesarean edifice of new York, mirror the time brings a great change to the worlds that changes according to the city. The Christian era stops between at that time 2007 when, office building of MOHO of annulus international square dazzles in colour comes out, with its rare be short of a sector of an area, outstanding the extreme place such as figure, supreme character, perfect form a complete set and high-grade club, the office of 5 stars class that built Nanjing the first of all is mythological, satisfied demand of elite of urban business affairs, let office become a kind to enjoy.

Office building of annulus international square regards collect as establishment of form a complete set of hotel of class of office of high-grade and mobile business affairs, star in the compositive sex business affairs that is equal to a suit is compound office system, broke the mode that traditional business affairs handles official bussiness, with distinction of general office building photograph, emphasize sex of mobile office, much kinetic energy, high-tech sex and personalized feature not only, highlighted the function such as exclusive, comfortable, convenient, efficiency, still offer hotel type to show consideration for subtle chamberlain to serve at the same time, to grow model the enterprise is offerred optimal and exclusive business affairs space, creat with detail character, accomplish noble of star of contemporary business affairs.

To office building character, the rigid configuration such as the equipment in its building and the character that content is in charge of the soft form a complete set of the service decided the environment of office not only, also decided appreciation space of future. Complete and rich business affairs form a complete set and considerate and rigorous property government service can satisfy all sorts of demand of elite of information age society, it is the crucial factor that affects strategy of company optional location.

In the floor space hardware with high quality office building of MOHO of annulus international square promoted office class in the round, old hall air, elegant, to grow model the business affairs office of MOHO personage offers strong figure support; Independent old hall, elevator lets each other of office, residence not photograph faze; Elevator of high quality brand, 24 small fortune go, facilitating MOHO public figure is comprehensive and own the palm accuses time, work and rest more do a job with skill and ease; More than 500 car solve commercial public figure to jockey be needed, inside the building 500 of Duopingmi share model place of repast of better contented job needs employee dining-room.

Handling official bussiness market hardware is coessential change today, property management will become the main essential factor that chooses office ground. Admirable property manages, will build favorable office environment for the enterprise, conduce to inside, outside the unity of character, the key that also is business affairs environment comprises an element. Office building of MOHO of square of international of the annulus in be this invites old brand cordially solely hotel of 4 stars class -- management of group of central big public house is advisory, have international eye shot already, know very well again humanitarian, the hotel government that can offer real significance to go up serves system and service of hotel of astral grade level. To facilitate place of MOHO personage office needs, consider need of client business affairs in the round, build space of exalted business affairs, offer professional office to serve support, annulus is returned inside old hall in set center of a business affairs only, offer type, presswork, fax, express, mail, business affairs serves a series of comprehensive astral class major such as newspapers and periodicals. Building 9, 11 return ad hoc every layers muti_function conference center, deploy the meeting Wu equipment such as umbriferous, broadband, the meeting site that offers independence for each company and professional conference serve. The major of two large centers is configured, facilitate MOHO personage shares the law of duty field collaboration, division of labor not only, reduced office cost greatly, also solved bring about inefficient trouble back at home as a result of the deficient of business affairs space.
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