Company businessman leaves to jubilate in residential building resident anxious

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Superintendency department says to will introduce unlock of system of administrative hold court a knot in one's heart

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Upstairs it is to hire for commercial Xiaogong manages, opening the meal inn, room that wash a foot, card to pull Ok hall downstairs... inside the village of a lot of residences in Chengdu, use dweller residence begins management activity not rarely seen. Inside average house building but in order to open a company? Residential building changes business the room is right all round neighbour causes an influence, does neighbour have undertake without legal basis thought fors the time being? "Live change business " this issue closes with all possible means party is personal the topic of the interest, it is the heat that the society pays close attention to all the time, close period of time counterpoises as content of the law come on stage, in public figure of group of owner, law and medium and small businesses person in cause intense controversy again. The reporter discovers in investigation, major dweller objects residential business using, relevant section superintends the condition of be in a dilemma that also is in awkwardness to residential commercial.

Reporter investigation

Come home want to queue up to wait for elevator

Yesterday (28) sky midday was controlled partly at 8 o'clock, be the rush hour that go to work, in the some house building of sandy road of jade of the Chengdu City, the reporter sees the station in hall of whole edifice first floor became full person, 2 elevator are fully loaded with carry to go all the time. Security personnel takes the corridor one divides into two elevator mouth with segregation, enter, a few people discharge two, outside the front door that discharged an edifice unexpectedly. The dweller tells a reporter, every times of elevator can carry 14 people only at most, queue up to wait 10 going upstairs to 20 minutes is very the thing of common.

One just bought dish piece of mother-in-law that come back complain say, oneself are met usually early gets up, drive in the morning before 8 o'clock, perhaps be in afternoon at 5 o'clock half before buy dish to come home, those who be is stagger commuted rush hour.

Afternoon at 5 o'clock half, it is next time, in eight treasures street in some high-grade house building, the youth of in threes and fours is walked out of from ground floor is big in succession, go at the same time still talking about the job at the same time. The reporter walks into the hall, security personnel greets enthusiasticly: Gather up? of  of night of collect of exterminate of Jia oath E " a directive in first floor hall indicates on the card this building shares more than 30 companies. Downstair parking lot although the area is large, but car very nervous still. There still is the sales promotion advertisement of the company on a few cars, in light of the address that stays from advertisement and phone, be upstair office mostly. But, here is not office building, air is returned to wear on many balconies the dress of resident.
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