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Sometimes when at a loose end does not have a thing, via often be apart from me to the community website of at least ten kilometers is browsed, this answers dragon to watch community net namely. Seem to called a Long Guanwen to change community net in the past. It is early a few years ago, I had written an essay " network and society are generated " . Answering Long Guan is the Asia's biggest relatively independent living community not only, and main dweller is give priority to with young white-collar, be engaged in among them " endure kick " (IT, their profess) of course of study have many. Time of a few years, pass a such small websites, it is in what was weighed past " sleep city " the place formed a fresh network society. Even the dimension right activity a few years ago also is a foundation with the network.

Now, if the citizen is changed, the problem still is being worn continuously, "Fang Nu " angst, wife and mother's contradiction, emotive dispute is waited a moment, it is the topic that won't lack. But recently in 9 years, sigh appears much rise: What the home returns in the night after working overtime is tired out, what holiday is taken up by the job is regretful, be faced with the angst with not steady work, it is a short message sends what go up to mobile phone of one's direct superior out of turn to repent by accident even. Also have of course rejoice and lively: What holiday rests is happy, the leader is away on official business those who do not have pressure is relaxed etc. And this all everything, having immediate impact with the job or duty field again.
Think of from this in last few years often controversial a topic: The pressure of white-collar duty field.

Last year the end of the year, CCTV " spatio-temporal investigation " undertook jointly with net of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job " the person is on-the-job " series investigation, a few days short, attracted 14000 much people to attend. And the result of investigation is afford for thought more. Work overtime for instance, person him answer that there is 52% in 14000 people often works overtime, and him answer is basic the person that not very works overtime has 4% only. Go to work a bit, come off work to was not nodded, had become the normal of a lot of office worker. The face that somebody has described the past office worker 9 evening 5 change Cheng Chaojiu evening " without " . Investigation still shows at the same time, the person of 73% cannot get overtime at all, it is to belong to free to work overtime. And labor law has specific provision early to overtime, normal weekday, playday and legal holiday work overtime, should enjoy this person pay the overtime of 150% above. But if you are right,this regulation rises seriously really, the result still may be inferior to not serious. A relevant program once interviewed the CCTV Mr Wang that suffers the suffering that free works overtime, default oneself overtime to get back a company, accused the company court, finally is to accuse a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord however, lost the job.
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