The blacklist of office building killer of OL of plot a murder

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Seat is too soft
The chair should pay attention to soft hard moderate, those covet are comfortable should take care to the fellow that wishs to move the bed in the home to the office. The wife sits soft chair became long can destroy perfect S form curve, so you need a piece of hard bench, those high-ranking people should understand especially, do not want inverse ratio of hard put through of the intelligence quotient you and position please.
Army group bacterium
The symptom enrols in: The bosom aches, muscle ache, breath is difficult
Army group bacterium likes to live in the environment of warm moisture, air conditioning system is the home that they like most. When when summertime air conditioning the system is enabled formally, they from the become more proficient in one's profession in all sorts of airway.
The symptom enrols in: Disgusting, eyesight drops, memory ebbs
The printer in the office and computer are production ozonic ace, the high pressure in copycat is electrostatic the breeding ground that is ozone generation more. We smell in copycat edge those unique flavor are ozonic " balmy " .
Electromagnetism radiate
The symptom enrols in: Neurasthenic, anorexia, unresponsive
The harm with electromagnetism the greatest radiate depends on pair of fetal influences, if pregnant woman must work before computer, that defends the garment will be a the most indispensable outfit.
The number lives
The grain with ink jet ejective printer is very little (23, 009 / stere) , naked eye cannot be aware of. It is when air is not quite current, inspiratory little grain can affect the function of respiratory system badly.
[Want to love your eye]
When staring at computer, you probably minutely blink 4 times, and normal person is minutely should blink 20 times. Blink can make sure the eye maintains wet condition, getting xerophthalmia is not what good thing of course.
Fighting fatigue eyedrop and antibiotic eyedrop is two different matters completely, former precaution does an eye and latter brings about the happening of dry small hole. Below the circumstance that did not suffer from eye disease you do not need antibiotic of course.
[Compensatory antioxidant]
Vitamin A, C, E and mineral zinc and Selenium are to protect you the helper with best eye. So the good friend that milk, walnut, carrot, spinach also is you.
Cactus absorbs radiation, what do you still wait for?

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