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Although the market puts delay somewhat the adjusting control act of caution and the estate market with administration hot opposite already was carried out in succession, chinese estate market is in the 3rd quarter still kept active 2007, firm development posture. A gleam of is main the ascendant posture with urban smooth continuance, at the same time investor and development business still value the good luck that appearing in arisen 23 lines city. The concussion that crisis of sub to the United States debt arises to Chinese market, analyst institute holds a view endless and identical, but overall look, very small to Chinese influence. What can foreknow is the attention that future manages to the risk will rise.

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2007 the 3rd quarter, demand of Beijing estate market shows ascendant trend. Performance of market of Beijing high grade office building is brisk, the market inducts a quantity to amount to 162, 545 square metre, relatively on the quarter rose 18.3 % . In the meantime, average rent continues to keep small rise, with last quarters photograph comparing rose 1.6% , achieve every months of every square metre 186 yuan of RMBs (calculate by floor area, do not contain administration fee) . Beijing luxurious residence rents the market relatively more active first half of the year, especially the renting market of apartment of hotel type service, company of many foreign capital is leading 3 months renew the contract or sign the new contract that rent, also brought exuberant demand for this season. The average rent that drove hotel type to serve apartment thereby relatively on the quarter rose 1.2 % , achieve every months of every square metre 216.4 yuan of RMBs. Large shopkeeper values the development foreground of market of prospective Beijing business generally, add speed to enter pace in succession, demand of high grade and retail property is driving. Suffer demand to drive, market whole hire continues to keep smooth the impetus that rise. First business shop hire with the 2nd parts than going up the quarter rose 0.5% with 3.3% , achieve everyday every square metre 28.6 yuan of RMBs and 19.1 yuan of RMBs. In the meantime, the demand of industrial property increases stability, its are average hire quote is every months of every square metre 53 yuan of RMBs, relatively on the quarter rose 1.9 % . Industrial land price criterion relatively on the quarter rose 1 % , achieve every square metre 1, 213 yuan of RMBs.  


Shanghai estate market is of all kinds property all continued to rise in 3 quarters impetus, industrial property market is behaved particularly outstanding. Annulus of this hire of office building of season first class is compared rise 2.8% , and second class office building goes up for 2.7% . Rate of market empty place continues to drop 0.9 percent, achieve the history of 3.5% new low. What the edifice of border of city found a state of the square of long room international of area length peace and Xu Hui area is this season is new add supply, total floor area is 63, 667 square metre. Continuance of market of luxurious residence sale rebounds prices. Skill is luxurious residential month all clinchs a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is amounted to 1, 149 unit, clinch a deal than what 2 quarters sell busy season quantity tower above 38% . Luxurious apartment and luxurious and villatic price continue to rise at this season. In the meantime, the luxurious house market that rent also appears favorable moving situation and luxurious villa and hire of apartment of hotel type service to all rise somewhat. In commercial market respect, high grade hire of first business shop continues to rise 1.6% , amount to everyday every square metre 41.2 yuan of RMBs. And because the hire of first business shop that partial core business encircles is come from 2 stage business to encircle property the competitive pressure influence that increases increasingly, hire drops somewhat. The abidance that the government supplies to industrial land is constrictive the price that causes industrial land of 3 quarters Shanghai rose considerably 15.6% . Add newly those who use the ground is exiguous the strategy that bring about partial enterprise to turn and adopts the property that rent, stimulated the to property of high quality industry demand on the market that rent further thereby. Hire of average industry property compares 3 quarters on the quarter rises 6.7% achieve every months of every square metre 33.7 yuan of RMBs.
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