Owner of advent office building takes estate investor spring enjoy appreciation

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The day passes Xizhimen crossroads, white Wei metropolis feels kind all the more, the 3 glass gigantic tower that stands tall and upright in bridge edge always attracts his look in the past. Regard the lofty plan of real estate of Beijing Central Plains as the manager, he witnessed architectural of mark of the ground on road of this 2 annulus to rise abruptly.

"Those are inchoate enter the investor of annulus square is to have eye too really on the west. In some sense, they are the person be benefited of get warm again after a cold spell of market of Beijing office building. " Bai Wei plaints so.  

The Central Plains office building that Bai Wei is in the ministry acted as agent on the west the sale of part of annulus square office building, his domestic happen to is near the project. By 2001, when annulus square start working is built on the west, whole 2 annulus can leave deep impressional to the person on the west besides topping residence, embrace the Xizhimen crossroads that block up namely, business affairs atmosphere is mentioned with respect to have no way here.

In the beginning of the project plans, no matter development business or governmental side are right,annulus square expresses great expectations on the west. Body measures this nearly 3 million square metre " gigantic without bully " main body project, by muti_function 3 space of 6 traffic hub, commerce, nearly 100 meters tall office building and a composition of integrated office building, it is the large omnibus construction that gives priority to with office building of international first class and high-grade commerce group, among them floor area of office building of 3 5A class makes an appointment with 90 thousand square metre.

It is a center with 3 buildings, the business affairs atmosphere of Xizhimen is warming up gradually. At present the office building of 90 thousand square metre already " renown flower has advocate " : A building and 3 buildings are spent flag group is whole to buy by 2006, 2 buildings the area of 26 thousand square metre begins to come loose from March 2005 carry out, the time that does not arrive two years is sold basically end.

The spring of investor comes

Feng Zhou never has wanted to want to become an estate investor, but the rent profit that he is enjoying house property to bring however now. Feng is the legal person delegate of one wife and children publication company, by 2005, 3 million yuan value lump-sum payment bought his up to on the west annulus square a scriptorium of 2 buildings, use at him firm office.

The scriptorium of this 150 square metre calculates on on the west annulus square is the smallest door model, every square metre the top price that forteen thousand seven hundred yuan unit price is at that time. But Feng Zhou Que a photograph became medium the traffic of here extend in all directions and building connect the daylighting that appear to design. "Because often want to recieve important guest in the company, office dimensions need not too big but class must tall. Office dimensions need not too big but class must tall..
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