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From inside many number we see not hard, the office building market this year is a flourishing year. Face a large number of empty buy of the office building of old brand, in the infuse of together with new power, it may be said of office building market is lively and unusual. Second half of the year, the reshuffle of office building market will be inevitable. The engage in a battle of new old power perhaps can bring real material benefit to consumer. Place of no less than says, what investor cares truly is to choose what kind of office building to be able to bring the biggest profit to oneself; Buy the home people the advantages and disadvantages of a sector of an area that of the care is office building, position and value concerns. So, how to choose office building ability to achieve different goal?

The reporter makes an on-the-spot investigation: The market is big do not know how to start

Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei is the boss of an ad firm, the company already grew two present employee from 78 employee a few years ago, but hire all the time, office place is not very ideal, every time the client arrives visit, gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei feels " do not have face " . Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei decides to change place of one department office, if the price is likely,buy, or it is to hire the office building with a bit taller class.

Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei tells a reporter, if be to buy office building, he can susceptive total prices is 4 million yuan or so, the area should come in 200 square metre between 300 square metre. The office building that also can consider to hire 300 square metre to control handles official bussiness, hire wants control to be in 5 yuan / day / square metre is the following. As to the position, gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei says: "Had better be to be inside the business affairs circle such as financial market, CBD, ZhongGuanCun, adjacent perhaps these trade groups. Additional, a few have appreciate the office building inside the burgeoning trade group of latent capacity also can consider. But office building project is really too much, still do not know to do it from where. "

From inside the description of gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei we see not hard, to choosing office building, one when there still are oneself in the heart that buy the home measures a standard, but the standard is only insufficient still, the ideal in the heart should pay Zhu Shi carry out or have a paragraph of distance, this also is gentleman letting the Kingdom of Wei most be anxious.

Market situation: Beg buyer's market to form for be more than

The basis wears statistic of heart bridge travel, supply of office building of annual first class will exceed 2.1 million to build square metre 2007, but finishing first half of the year area is square metre of 474 thousand building only, so, pressure of supply to the limit of one's capacity is accumulated second half of the year and even next year the beginning of the year, supply of second half of the year will exceed 1.6 million to build square metre 2007. Among them, market of the CBD that supply centers relatively, banking and east group of 2 ring trade is occupied respectively 52.6% , 17.0% with 16.5% . The area that these a few to the limit of one's capacity center quite also is the heat area that consumer pays close attention to quite.
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