97% experts say house price will rise again house price rises overdraw white-col

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About the house price of second half of the year went 2007 situation, the economist of 97% thinks to be able to continue to rise, increase 5 percent than first quarter; Among them 8% think " rise 10% above " , increase 2 percent than first quarter; Close most probably (78% ) think " rise 5%-10% " , increase 15 percent than first quarter; 11% think " rise 5% less than " , reduce 12 percent than first quarter. Only 3% think " keep balance " , reduce 5 percent than first quarter. This makes clear, economist thinks price of house of second half of the year will continue to maintain rapidder growth momentum this year generally, house price rises situation is short-term hard keep within limits.

House price rises " overdraw " white-collar future

"Of house price rise the directest and privative is white-collar reappearance exhibits ability! "

Tang Hao of associate professor of Hua Na Normal University puts forward, "Potential in produce estate to should take the income that works a few years later buy a room. These income can use reeducate to perhaps invest to perhaps do poineering work originally. What so house price overdraws is money not just, overdraw however the method that ceaseless upgrade develops these people, to their development authority is the harm of a kind of brazenly. To their development authority is the harm of a kind of brazenly..

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