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According to concerning media coverage, the the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was announced recently " the whole nation is main 2007 standard of urban white-collar salary " . One stone arouses 1000 heavy billow, alleged " white-collar standard " cause a netizen to discuss ardently. However, this causes the so-called salary standard that the white-collar discusses ardently, have however " flicker " the ill will of countrywide white-collar. Yesterday, conduct propaganda of news of courtyard of Chinese company division is in chief magnify Wei to express to the reporter, standard of salary of this one white-collar is not the government to release, "We never had released this kind alleged ' standard ' . "We never had released this kind alleged ' standard ' ..

The barrow things buried with the dead that discovers this includes tomb figure of birthday hill stone, bronze mirror, Yin Chai to wait for 86, in learned have quite research value...

In the meantime, morning paper reporter discovered in investigation yesterday: Standard of salary of this group of so called white-collars actually out two years ago, namely October 21, 2005 " luck beautiful " the style channel of net of fashionable magazine female. Interview when the reporter " luck beautiful " when the net edits, this editor finds provenance earlier same an article -- , out the Sohu woman channel October 18, 2005.

[Reporter investigation]

Only then the person that make tomb figure is him netizen

In search engine, input respectively " " the whole nation is main 2007 standard of urban white-collar salary " " and " pay of each big city white-collar is uncovered close " , what can you discover? Right, it is the article that two content agree basically. Former style or manner of writing is earnest, be reprinted by big media and each portal website recently; And latter is read rise it seems that out is common the white-collar's mouth, begin from October 2005, see constantly in each forum. Nevertheless, all cities in two article and number however whacking is consistent.

"Searching to be able to serve as the city that consult all the time, the standard of living that the monthly pay that will measure one next person can form in place city! Still decide to take Beijing to regard as finally consult city! Take to be 5000 yuan in Beijing monthly pay (after duty) the person of the RMB, the standard of living that can achieve serves as consult dot, so achieve equal standard of living needs the monthly pay of how many to maintain in other city, point out one by one below (include Chengdu of modernization of price level, living cost, traffic cost, city among them (should be ' degree ' , textual have by accident) the element that waits for a lot of respect) ... " this is alleged " white-collar standard " textual opening remarks, also be to mix " edition of company division courtyard " the place that differs exclusively somewhat.

Yesterday, the reporter is checked accordingly on October 21, 2005 " luck beautiful female net " in life channel " pay of each big city white-collar is uncovered close " one article, dialed an editor " small fish " phone. He feels very amazed: "Come two years doesn't the number have change? " subsequently, he tells a reporter, the origin of this article is " luck beautiful forum " , that is to say, this is the card that the netizen releases, was used by the editor.
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