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Abreact the net offers white-collar fling abuses commentate press

Legal personage: Designation path surname belongs to tort, point to apparently also must carry duty

Li Xiaoming of morning paper reporter

Human relation handles bad, boss to often give make things hard for sb... to release pressure, many white-collars choose the drain on the network one time. The reporter discovered recently, the name is " abreact net " the website is chased after by many white-collars hold in both hands, white-collars scold racily, among them be mingled with is worn many corrupt character bawdry and assault and battery. To this, the lawyer points out, although the network has free speech, but network fling abuses also has legal limits, if designation,the surname belongs to reputation tort.

"Abreact net " on but wanton fling abuses

Recently, mr Zhang that works in some enterprise is opposite the name is " abreact net " the website produced interest, here, he can send post fling abuses arbitrarily, in spitting a bosom evil spirit. The reporter enters the discovery after this website, the purpose that this website claims to build offers to abreact for the netizen namely platform, if wanting oneself to say, speak out, spit for fast, achieve the balance of psychology and physiology finally.

In this website, cent is a society piece, the job piece, favor piece etc individually board piece. Reporter discovery, in " the job " board piece the card that abreact is centered most, be in especially " the boss is fed up with really " , " work overtime every day " in waiting for platelet piece, leave a message to be centered most, curse the boss, card that blames the job to be able to be found everywhere, major card contains the one's words of the meaning of fling abuses, bespatter apparently, some words enter eye extremely.

Abreact decompression suffers a white-collar to chase after hold in both hands

The reporter discovers in investigation, "Abreact net " , " abreact " the website that waits for post of the hair that offer a person to vent one's anger already gradually popular, be held in both hands especially by the heat of the white-collar of the office work. They think, when abreacting to be saved already on the net save labour, do not suffer tie of ab extra element.

Express in Miss Li of the office work, every time oneself press muscularity, when feeling depressed, can get online abreact one time, such is helpful for that reduce pressure, just go up in the net recently rebuke the unit is led one time, feeling a lot of.

However, also not be all white-collars express self-identity to this, the king gentleman that goes to work in some institution thinks, although the network is a free space, but also cannot unbridled ground drain, besides network belongs to public information platform after all, cause bad influence easily.

Lawyer: Designation path is surnamed tort

To this, zhu Guangjia of office of attorney of day of the Yuan La in Shanghai's lawyer thinks, although the website is platform of information of a public, the netizen has the freedom that releases opinion on public affairs, but network opinion on public affairs also has certain legal limits.
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