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Spring Festival eve, award became the popular topic of each duty field personages end of the year. Our newspaper reporter undertook 3 days concerned in the our city continuously end of the year the investigation of award, content includes end of the year award amount, use direction, and right the expectation of award is worth end of the year etc. Investigation means to extend 70 random questionnaire and 285 netizens participate in network investigation, involve 355 duty field personages of our city, cover finance, make, a variety of professions such as trade, officeholder. Investigation data shows: Of more than 60% suffer the person that visit to think the unit extends award has optional sex end of the year, the standard is ambiguous, "Can the boss said to calculate " . In the meantime, suffer the person that visit not less to express, its are right the expectation of award and reality have bigger difference end of the year, affect working mood accordingly.

Investigation: Amount is in 3000 yuan more, 5000 yuan

Suffer in 355 in the person that visit, be engaged in the employee of the industry such as finance, electric power, telegraphic, sale, award extends end of the year amount is in relative to higher level, common manufacturing industry and industry of a few civilian battalion provide the amount of award is relatively inferior end of the year.

Extend form: Double end of the year firewood is given priority to

Findings shows: The form with the commonnest end of the year award or double end of the year firewood and performance are assessed, both place occupies scale to be respectively 51.9% with 32.7% ; It is red bag next, scale is 12.8% , those who choose this kind of form is foreign enterprise and illicit look forward to mostly; In the meantime, end of the year of award extend formal face-lifting, outside dividing cash and objective, favor red bag also increased scale, for example: Attend in a advanced studies going abroad, groomed opportunity, have company stock, rise duty, the opportunity that leads communication with the high level.

Use: "Spend the New Year consumption " hold big head

A lot of sufferring the person that visit expresses to the reporter, award looks end of the year it seems that very " rich and generous " , but according to our city consumption level, during award will be used at the Spring Festival end of the year, go close to visit the dinner party of friend and holiday for the most part. The basis suffers the statistic of the person that visit to majority, use at the amount of the elder such as Spring Festival consumption and give presents parents, occupy about end of the year of award amount 65.2% with 25.6% , and the scale that the place of pattern of these two kinds of spending of award occupies end of the year, can regard as " cross year of cost " . Other spending pattern is ordinal be: Put rise, preparation returns a room to borrow, occupy 4.2% ; The person selected choose of 3.1% is used bonus invests end of the year; With do " charge " , raise oneself to wait occupy 1.7% .
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