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Foreign language of cross-strait study focusing kind, inland grooms expenditure tower above 6 into

On Feburary 8, the white-collar of " two sides that initiates by 104 manpower bank learns a trend to investigate " activity to end satisfactorily. This is cross-strait white-collar grooms in education first the synchronism that the respect undertakes investigates comparative exposure, content involves white-collar a group of things with common features group charge in study direction of charge of the popular courses that cares most in the process, period, attend in a advanced studies. The analysis shows, cross-strait white-collar basically is centered in business affairs foreign language to charging demand kind, those who face internationalization competition is intense with each passing day, the white-collar has the consciousness that enhances individual internationalization ability generally. And another focus that is worth attention is, of this locality white-collar groom expenditure average per capita wants tower above Taiwan nearly 6 into. Below the big setting of economic globalization, this
How does second activity find what suit his most to charge to duty field white-collars course, raise the core competition ability of oneself, have guiding meaning for navigation of direction of prospective duty field.

Investigation data shows, cross-strait white-collar comparatives to learning charging demand level, the white-collar that there is 66.5% one year in the past ever had attended study of attend in a advanced studies, the white-collar personage that there still is more than 84.7% this year has study apiration, among them business affairs foreign language, business affairs grooms, qualificatory attestation is the course that value provides quite in cross-strait white-collar memory. In 2 what reclaim, in 267 questionnaire, the foreign language of Taiwan white-collar deflection that has more than 72% kind learn, and of foreign language of this locality white-collar groom demand also is as high as 63.9% ; On the purpose of study, cross-strait white-collar needs " job " to serve as charging first goal.

Data shows at the same time, in cross-strait white-collar charge on cost, this locality wants Taiwan of apparent prep above, informant was grooming one year last year the total expenditure that go up, basically center in 2, 000 yuan to 4, 000 yuan differ, and Taiwan area grooms generally RMB of cost amount to is in about 1, 250 yuan to 2, 500 yuan, the year of this locality costs amount on average to compare Taiwan fully tower above 6 into! Cai of 104 manpower bank fines jade article young lady thinks, of cross-strait white-collar groom cost has so big drop is an urgent need causes emergency problem, this also mirrors a many people to groom in the choice appeared when the project implicit, undertake to charging without specific aim ground comprehensive ground plans. How to choose to suit most, the study course that provides specific aim most and groom the heat problem that the orgnaization becomes this year white-collar to charge to need to pay close attention to most.
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