Field of cross-strait white-collar duty investigates: Red of Lai of closely ques

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Show through investigating an activity this, two sides although duty field environment is different, but cross-strait white-collar is very similar however to the demand of study, gentleman of prosperous of luck of ginger of 104 manpower bank hopes to depend on the experience that accumulates in Taiwan, build platform of an educational communication for cross-strait white-collar compose, combine the experience of cross-strait study better, help more duty field white-collars find the most appropriate oneself groom direction, save time and pecuniary cost, obtain optimal study result on right way, obtain the breakthrough of duty field career.

This white-collar of " two sides learns a trend to investigate " result will in Feburary the middle ten days of a month with " cross-strait white-collar learns trend white paper " the form is released external, will announce cross-strait white-collar at the appointed time most of favour popular groom course and analysis of trend of this year study, help white-collar grooms clearly demand, find study direction.

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