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Drawing near of the end of the year, a lot of duty field personages feel Changchun to work and live abruptly the pressure of each respect is greater and greater, often feel panic, blundering. The pace that then more and more white-collars hope to live is slow come down, begin to chase after hold in both hands " slow life " will adjust state of mind.

Alleged " slow life " , in working namely and living appropriately rein in speed, will experience the person all round and thing with the state of mind of appreciation, for instance slow drive, slow meal, slow motion is waited a moment, and " slow life " the optimal mentation of pursuit is " the job is again busy the heart noes hurry, the life again pains is not tired " .

"Think of fast spent the New Year, with respect to insecurity of ground of meeting Mo Ming, the feeling of not know what to do. " Ms. Liu that is engaged in layout job in a bazaar says, "Psychological expert is these mood summary syndrome of the end of the year, it is a kind of expression of psychological unbalance. It is a kind of expression of psychological unbalance..

Below the expert's proposal, ms. Liu conciously rhythm of rein in life, working agreement the friend drinks tea to tea building chat, shop hairdressing, still experience yoga to gymnastical house, seek quiet.

"Rhythm of measurable rein in, to everybody for oneself, be a kind of harmony. " Ms. Liu says with all sorts of feelings, conciously the nerve that rhythm of rein in life makes stretch tight closely for a long time gets relaxation, pressure and worry also get divert oneself from loneliness or boredom, angst, be agitated, helpless wait low confuse a mood to also be eliminated.

Psychological expert expresses, because social competition presses muscularity, every arrive when the end of the year, the time that a lot of people can feel one year was over too, and obtains achievement however Chou Chou Mo a few, can produce all sorts of uneasy moods so. And " slow life " the crowd body and mind that can let exhaustion gets relaxation, it is a kind of joy, active way of life.

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