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“ is 7 days short, pouch is serious already shrink. ” today is the first weekday after year, the young white-collars that have not cast off year of flavour completely began his spend the New Yearing since check the amount to pay expenses yesterday, celebrate a festival “ in succession cost ” is basked in in post of the hair on the net piece. Reporter investigation understands, most person waits for traditional human relationship of the form to be able to 't bear heavy burden to red bag, advocate in the future to spend the New Year want “ to will undertake ” after all sparely.

[experience] only enough Fu Gong wraps award end of the year

Just returned Shanghai, mr Qiu received two pieces of announcements that urge capture to owe cost, look carefully, it is oneself are in completely spend the New Year a few days the expense Zhang in is odd. “ comes home spend the New Year money wanting a flower, fine long hair exceeded without accident ground. Mr Qiu that ” is engaged in foreign trade order working to the reporter, removed bitter water, “ lives in Guangdong, the choice makes a round trip by train, still can exceed 1000 yuan. Come home 7 days, all sorts of expense let him hurry-scurry, give bilateral parents everybody is 1000 yuan, the child to kin home cannot prejudicial, unite 200 yuan red bag, neither more nor less than gives out 10, accompany family to go to bazaar and supermarket shopping then, new clothes new shoe lives in things altogether 1400 yuan, still have and the classmate meets, have a meal take a taxi, 0 medicinal powder the charge that come loose adds up is about 800 yuan. ” business accounting comes down, the red bag of money given to children as a lunar New Year gift that Mr Qiu discovers to he sends out just is to celebrate a festival the big head of expenditure, “ full 6000 yuan, award was built completely end of the year go in. ”

[investigate] 7 into the flower 2000 to 6000

Famous on the Shanghai such as city guest website, the reporter cost ” to do a small investigation in the light of young white-collar for the problem with “ Spring Festival. Up to yesterday evening at 6 o'clock, in a few white-collars that accept investigation, think to celebrate a festival expenses comes 6000 yuan in 2000 yuan between occupy 70% , basically use at the favor defray such as red bag among them.

Miss Huang that in new scope of operation a foreign enterprise goes to work thinks he comes home the expense that spend the New Year is too big, “ traditional festival should take seriously admittedly, but all sorts of expense are in also answer at this moment somewhat abstemious. Especially favor defray, picture whether must with red bag such form conveys close affection to be worth deliberate. ” is right this, most person shows an approve of, but the red bag that also one part person feels “ takes kin as a child, him economy became independent, do not express honest cannot be justified or explained away. ”
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