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As firm job before long, for the new personality that salary controls in 3000 yuan, money is finite, salary is humble, energy is exuberant, and brand clothes, cosmetic (special to female) , all sorts of need spend the hobby of money, the appointment that still has a friend, fashionable book, CD is to meet the eye etc can reach, live scene is unripe sweet.
How to enjoy the life already, is income and expenses balanced? Duty field new personality can divide defray into 3 much: Living cost occupies income 1/3. Above all, take out the living cost that every month must pay, wait like cost of chummage, water and electricity, communication, fuel, this part occupies income about 1/3. They are the indispensable part in your life, satisfy your mainest material demand. Left them, you can resemble a fish like leaving water, cannot live, so anyhow, ask you to take out this part from inside income first, do not want to employ.

Deposit occupies income 1/3. Next, it is the part that oneself use deposit, 1/3 what also occupy income about. When putting money every time, the metropolis is very successful feeling, be like safe feeling much a few minutes. But arrived by the month when, often turned bubble into economy: Put the much that go in to be taken again, and it is to maintain one's composure, was like drizzle benefit other people to disappear euqally, dispersed Yulinlin always always the garment that oneself like is acted the role of, on magazine or friend party. This moment, you want to tell to oneself aloud: I want to invest my tomorrow, I should have protected my belongings. At least, your memory can assure the basic life of 3 your months. Want to know, a lot of companies decrease firewood to cut down the member of persons employed at every turn now. If you a bit deposit is done not have, once the job happened to change, you will be very passive.

And the sth capable of comforting sb that the income of these 3 months can become you, real work works not happily, you are OK need not bear again, anger and brandish sleeve leaves his post, wanting is how the thing of affording general satisfaction ah. So, anyhow, leave a leeway for oneself please.

Mobile capital occupies this share cash that income 1/3 remains, 1/3 what occupy income about. Can him basis the life aim at that time, flower of side important place is in different place. For example 51, 11 can arrange oneself to travel; Dress is hit oneself can be purchased to admire long already brand goods in the heart when folding; Still have the indispensable at ordinary times expense that buys party of CD, friend.

Such flowers rise the know exactly about sth in the heart, won't give out money at a draught. The most crucial is, although sent pay to give out this part, also can be being become is a lesson, can punish oneself the whats inside a month cannot work again (should be income total outlay) , very can deep and impression is effective.

The most important is a source of course the one part that we should know to reduce expenditure is our life work only, the basic level that resembles an edifice is same. Once broke away from dish bird identity, to the everybody in duty field the colleague is told, the most important is how exchequer billow, open a source to have, to achieve a new target, you must progress ceaselessly in an attempt to develops, the actual strength in an attempt to that fosters oneself progresses, this ability is the path of real unripe money.
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