10 allegorical stories of successful life

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10 allegorical stories of successful life
A lot of people go listening to a philosopher the recipe with tuitional successful life, as a result that philosopher gives every audience a booklet, there are 10 allegorical stories above, after people looked, feel to benefit a lot.

▲ believes he is ▲ of a lanneret
A person is in the eyrie of the peak of the high mountain, caught a young eagle, he comes home young eagle belt, raise in coop. This young eagle and chicken a peck, frolic and rest. It thinks it is a chicken. This eagle is gradually grown, assistant is plump, host wants to train it into falcon, because be mixed all day,can be chicken lump, it has become and chicken just the same, the desire that did not fly at all. Host tried all sorts of method, be without the effect, take it to the summit finally, one threw it. This eagle resembles a stone like, drop continuously, in fluster its desperately beat wing, such, it flew eventually!
Recipe 1 : The force with harden oneself successful call.

▲ ▲ of 5 gold coin
A life that calls Abage lives on Inner Mongolia prairie. Once, junior Abage and his father confused a road on the prairie, abage tired be afraid of again, went quickly to be not moved to finally. Father draws out 5 coin from bag, bury a coin in the meadow, the others on 4 hands that are put in Abage, say: "Life has 5 gold coin, childhood, teenager, youth, middleaged, old age has each, you just used now, one that when be buried in the meadow namely, you cannot throw 5 times in the prairie, you want little ground to use, every time is used different come, such ability not crooked life generation. We must walk out of a prairie today, you also must walk out of a prairie in the future. The world is very great, the person is living, be about to walk along some of place more, look more, the gold coin that does not let you was not used refuse. " fall in father's encouragement, abage walked out of a prairie that day. After be brought up, abage left home town, became an outstanding captain.
Recipe 2: Cherish life, with respect to the marsh that can walk out of a setback.

▲ sweeps sunshine ▲
Have brother 2 people, the age does not pass 4, 5 years old, because the window of the bedroom is all the day, they think the moon inside house is dark, see the sunshine with bright side of regard sb as an outsider, feel very envy. Brother two discuss to say: "We can sweep the sunshine outside together came in. " then, two people of brotherly are taking broom and dustpan, go sweeping sunshine to the balcony.
When when they move dustpan in the room, the sunshine inside was done not have. Such one and again again and 3 ground swept many a time, still be a bit sunshine is done not have inside house. The mom that busying in the kitchen sees their erratic movement, ask: "What are you doing? " their answer says: "The room is too dark, we should sweep bit of sunshine to come in. " mom laugh path: "Want to open the window only, sunshine nature can come in, go sweeping why? Go sweeping why??
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