Of environment of office building business affairs important measure a standard

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With respect to real-estate project character, the backside with a successful project is the reasonable butt joint of product and market. The height that a good office building should be office environment and business affairs environment is unified. Alleged office environment, going up from the building is the index of a few hardware that points to the product such as architectural Electromechanical configuration and planar layout. Number of ladder of rate of the 5A that often says like us, central air conditioning, elevator, elevator, old hall, illume is waited a moment. This decided the grade of an office building. Environment of alleged business affairs, it is to point to the form a complete set that development of association of contented business affairs, business affairs and job of business affairs staff live, more pointing to the index besides construction index. Business affairs environment includes, business affairs collects district of quality of condition of temperament of atmosphere of gender, business affairs, business affairs, traffic, population, city, service of Wu of circumjacent finance, ticket, recreational, entertainment is waited a moment.

Of environment of office building business affairs important measure a standard emerge as the times require:

It is traffic condition. Good traffic condition is company office, information is communicated keep efficient run foundation.

2 it is business affairs atmosphere and business affairs temperament. What is the flesh and blood of business affairs atmosphere? It is each enterprise. To division of business affairs office character, collected about a hundred to have " headquarters " renown look forward to of the concept. Have full-bodied commercial breath undoubtedly, show the oneness of figure of business affairs of its high end thereby, perhaps say business affairs is temperamental, already gradually thorough popular feeling. This divides extroversion enterprise to, and a few enterprises that take figure seriously, it is a huge attraction undoubtedly.

3 it is humanitarian element. The competition ability of the enterprise is a talent. The enterprise chooses a talent, and yearning direction of the talent is put in market of particular regular science and technology. Long culture precipitation promoted the whole of area temperament, decided area administrative levels, drove the development of whole area and economy. Not only such, mature and perfect talent resource market and talent flow, more the outstanding talent that the enterprise inducted many whole nation and this locality.

4 it is appeal of mark sex architectural. Large sign sex builds the heartland that is located in a city normally, representing the character of a city and majesty. Adult business affairs division inevitable little not large public facilities.
5 be show originality inside business affairs environment. Enter a lot of big companies that are stationed in international company center, they are at the outset in the negotiation, pay close attention to Yu very much does antrum bully exhausted げ swallow 9 adept of ┏ of suddenly of miscellaneous show off of    does rinse wish  hot reins wakes a huge legendary turtle of oxime small cup? Elevator of 2 high speed the attention that wait, however secondarily. Because of these enterprises, have good office building to use experience more very much, to a few good configuration of office building, instead changes form a complete set as office building human nature or distinctive form a complete set pays close attention to more. These explain, company culture also rose to comparative to use in optional location.   
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