Computer gens appropriate drinks the congee that raise liver more

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Computer a group of things with common features often can have an eye dry, inspect content not clear, all over tired, the mood does not stabilize a symptom. Medicine thinks in " long the liver that inspect an injury " , liver connects eye, if liver blood is insufficient, make two eye easily dry, inspect content dim-sighted. Accordingly, computer a group of things with common features should notice to raise liver. A few congee raising liver that suit tipple of computer a group of things with common features introduce below.

Chrysanthemum congee: Chrysanthemum 50 grams, rice 100 grams, first chrysanthemum decoct soup, boil chrysanthemum soup and rice congee together again, follow quantity edible early, late. Chrysanthemum is Chinese traditional medicine early happy event of place of archaic cure home is used, " classics of divine farming a book on Chinese medicine " in label it top grade, hardships and difficulties of its sex flavour and cool, have scattered wind heat, announce to connect lobar gas, smooth liver bright purpose effect.
Medlar congee: Medlar 30 grams, rice 60 grams. Boil rice first half ripe, join medlar next, thoroughly cook can edible. Medlar has the fine effect of bright eye, so, this congee but nourishing liver kidney, make a look bright.

Definitely pine torch congee: Fry definitely pine torch 10 grams, rice 60 grams, rock candy a few. First will definitely pine torch is fried to small sweet, take out after waiting for refrigeration, extractive. Next, with its juice and rice are boiled together, will ripe when join rock candy, after boil can edible. This congee but clear liver, bright eye, aperient.

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