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Prepare gold of urgent need of half an year to look in order to look the case of forefathers force market comes, once unemployed, await the next the job, temporary do not have income during, at least wants 6 months, so if possible word, beforehand the living cost of 6 months is more appropriate.
Decrease indebted and indebted include building loan, car loan, credit card and consumptive sex loan to wait. The indebted level that individual or family can assume, should be after deducting every months of fixed charge and savings bank to need first, remain can control income share. As to the principle of countervail debt, answer preferential repay the loan with higher interest, for example sex of credit card consumption borrows money.

Reduce expenditure is principal also if " open a source " the job has difficulty, so calculated is consumed, from " reduce expenditure " make. Can be aimed at annual and every month, every season, possible expenses to list a budget, avoid to overflow at hand cash consume aimlessly. The habit of best nurturance charge to an account, check circumstance of oneself income and expenses regularly, timely adjust.

Forcing deposit had better be to get pay, take out first 20% put rise; No matter be the alternative is conservative 0 put whole take a bank to be put surely, or it is active fixed norm joint fund, come down for a long time, can develop the compound interest effect of many a little makes a mickle.

The sex that protect a value invests cannot it is quite important that little capital protects a value, can pass through if the bank is put surely,increase fixed income tool, the investment proportion of bond and bond fund will achieve a purpose.

When depression hit out actively stagnant when, below the circumstance that has steady working income, can consider to meet instead low investment entering the arena. Because the angle of long-term investment will look, boom stand or fall is meeting loop, when investment should take the advantage of depression of course, strive for inferior cost, when fastigium of a boom comes, the opportunity is become win the home.

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