99% white-collars of Chinese are faced with go bankrupt

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Understand for thorough ground why the white-collar family of 99% can go bankrupt, why must we understand house price to meet first so tall? Where? Is capital movement? (The white-collar here points to buy a room to perhaps prepare to buy room a group of things with common features. ) and the relevant effect that development trend brings. I can divide a phase to be elaborated to you.

1: Bring about house price to explode the first element that go up: The loan below bank competition is open.

Actually of house price explode because common people is replacing governmental institute to make the mistake below buy sheet,the element that go up basically is. For instance business of a development borrowed money through some bank before 10 million developed a house. If still do not remove that,he had bad luck, because all banks are a system, you owed the opportunity that money also had not turned over again. But China opened a cut on the foundation that the bank reforms, go labour so for the competition between each bank, agriculture Bank, construction bank waits all and independent operation a moment. This is meddlesome originally. But the problem is these banks not be illicit some, however of the country. We imagine not hard. Borrow money all right from labour when business of a development the consequence of 10 million. He needs to use only 5 million will develop a house, promote price next, the house in developing this again borrows money again from the Agriculture Bank by his price level guaranty 20 million, next reoccupy this 20 million medium 10 million development the house with a higher price will look for construction bank guaranty to borrow money 40 million. The mad loan mode that is a such snowball. The house sells do not sell it is not importantly to go out, the key is house price wants tall, must not depreciate. Anyway the money of the bank is not private, so a little president together with has dredge again " lawful " the building of high retail price dish do guaranty nature is so better and better borrow money from the bank.
So the result that such causing is, house price is climbed only do not drop! Because cannot drop! Drop the bank borrows the money that go out to also be answered again did not come. This can be governmental bank, governmental money! Was thought to stem this capital black hole a few be begun to make public opinion use lure by promise of gain of all sorts of intimidate of public opinion method wildly by the expert of bribe, economist, agency the person buys a house. Land natural resources is serious and for instance nervous, or else buys a room to be able to live in the suburb only in the future ah of and so on. Bring about people to must buy a room. Cannot live actually downtown this produces this kind of circumstance far from possibly, townsman is new the process that often replaces, should go to work live in the city, the old person is emeritus like a suburb. Want population not to explode to won't appear only office worker cannot live the circumstance of downtown. Although these public opinion caused a lot of people to buy a house, but it is merely such, house price has not arrived high now such unusual. Back-to-back government made the 2nd mistake again.
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