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In different situation, ask female makeup look is different. However, a lot of females often oversight this, especially when a few females go to work, also dress up too rich and gaudy or impertinent charm. Professional makeup also because of the person different, but its general character is the health that should reflect a female, self-confident. The makeup that one kind introduces to suit most female below method.

Above all clean and facial. Massage with moist frost facial, absorb completely what make, undertake makeup facially next measure.

1 . Render: Had better attack sponge when render soak, use the De Shuang that is close to with color of skin next, light dub is patted.
2. Calm makeup: Touch powder with puff, knead Kangmo of Li of to shirk of  Tao  to slaughter wisdom  ㄗ to protect maltose of instruct of ㄔ of  Ku Po to cast gently  ? Amp;nbsp;
3. Draw eye shadow: The eye ministry of professional female makes up should natural, clean, downy, the key puts the eyelash root ministry of outer canthus, next up outward gradually dizzy catch.
4. Look line: The brushwork of look line should clingy eyelash root, draw the outline of of fine fine ground, on the canthus outside look line should go up gently become warped, look of this kind of look has glamour very much.
5. Brow: Arrange good camber above all, brush with camber next gently painted.
6. Eyelash: Stick eyelash root ministry with eyelash clamp, those who make is curly on become warped, the direction that arranges eyelash to grow next is brushed on eyelash fluid.
7. Cheek is red: The cheek of professional makeup is red the appearance that basically behaves natural health, vogue is dizzy caught method is in commonly zygomatic lower part, outline is decorated with the cake that repair a look outside.
8. Lipstick: Should choose bright beautiful, natural lipstick, show the health of professional female and self-confidence.
After making up by above measure, beautiful beautiful, healthy, self-confident profession female can be shown before people.

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