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Still do not have there's still time to sum up 2006, had come one new year to us before. Turn one's head this year, are you on-the-job is the pace on field ongoing one stride or backwater not before? Are you still in complain low and helplessly for pay? Whether do you want to fry present him boss to do poineering work? This is a chain of interrogation lets us left too much regret 2006, never mind nevertheless, pay does not go up, position does not rise also just as well, we gave ourselves an opportunity 2007, go hard, go struggling, the bottleneck that goes breaking through oneself to be faced with in the place on professional development, you let closer and closer from your target in a new year.
Work surely one of: Jump groove should choose pair of industries

If you can get the opportunity of raises in this unit both neither, also did not rise the symptom of duty, and dawdle of ground of him day after day, did not have passion to the job. That finds new job please, because find new job hind, you went a brand-new environment, new move can stimulate you to work seriously, make your working status gets adjustment.

The expert raises action: Before deciding to whether find new job, want to do good ego fixed position first. It is to choose next find new job definitely industry. If the analyst of native land banking of convention of international of be proficient in, meeting exhibits stylist,wait will suffer chase after hold in both hands.

Work surely: Establish end of a year

Courtyard of Chinese company division is new showed what release in talent blue book 2006, people of 7 the Chengdu City walk to die in “ overfatigue ” brim. The expert thinks, if intellectual or else notices to adjust inferior health, before long in the future, the 2/3 checkmate of these philtrum at disease of heart head blood-vessel, the person of 1/10 is only hopeful how can enjoy natural span of life.

The expert raises action: The working hours of many white-collars is in toward 9 evening from “ 5 ” do not have ” to develop toward 9 evening to “ . So, 2007, the first job that we decide to oneself gives him the opportunity of a fitness namely. Begin from today, climb stair conciously or mighting as well is to climb on the weekend, this is simple take exercise, want to insist to be able to have good effect only actually.

Work surely: Learn a craft to want to be certain

If you are not skill talent, if you are not the core employee of the enterprise, then you tried hard well 2007 with respect to need, with the action that actual result will come prove yourself is in a company.

The expert raises action: The professional expert of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job thinks, go to burgeoning industry obtain employment, it is very rational choice. For example, the last few years, pet economy suffers attention. According to statistic, peking Man should spend 20 million yuan every year to raise pet, the expenditure that Shanghai person uses every year on pet more be as high as 600 million yuan. As the ceaseless enlarge look of pet market, pet is raised, forming the industrial chain with pet giant economy medical treatment of pet service, pet, earn the money of kitten doggie, will become new service way.
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